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15 Minute Workout by Bio-Synergy Ambassador and Personal Trainer, Alex MacDonald

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This great 15 minute core workout requires no equipment!
Power knees – Right & Left x 30 seconds per leg
Power knees are a popular cardio kickboxing exercise that strengthens the obliques and glutes, a great core exercise.
Bear walks x 30 seconds
Bear walking gets your whole body moving and helps to develop strength
Mountain climbers x 30 seconds
Mountain climbers provide a full body exercise, starting in the plank position and working your core, your shoulders work to stabilize your upper body whilst your legs work your lower body
Press ups x 30 seconds
this upper-body exercise works to strengthen your chest, triceps and shoulders
Repeat this three times without resting!
1 minute rest
Lying leg raises x 30seconds
Lying leg raises work the lower abdominal muscles, perfect for toning up
high-low plank x 30 seconds
Starting in the low plank position, holding your core tight and resting on your forearms move into the high plank position by lifting up onto your hands
Side hip dips x Right & Left x 30 seconds each
Side hip dips are another core exercise that works to tone the waist
Glute bridges x 30 seconds
Glute bridges work the glutes and the hamstrings
Repeat this three times without resting!
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