At Bio-Synergy, our brand ambassadors are different. When they tell you that our products work, it’s because it’s true – not because we pay them to say so.

We’re quite proud of the fact that we don’t pay for endorsements. As far as we know, we’re the only sports nutrition company with these ethics. Our company is all about honesty and authenticity. But when you see an ambassador from one of our competitors, singing the praises of their sponsor’s product, you have to question their motives. Do they truly believe in the brand or are they just earning a fat cheque?

We don’t want you to have the same question with us. So, we’ll say it again: we don’t pay our ambassadors. They choose us because our products work. They choose us because we help them achieve their fitness goals. And our ambassadors come back to us, year after year, because they believe in the quality we provide to those looking for great sports nutrition products to support their targets. So you can too.


So, without further ado, here are the incredible athletes we are proud to have representing our brand.