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Sands United Ashby FC

In November 2021 my family and I suffered the most devastating, excruciating loss we have ever experienced. Our baby was still born. We wouldn’t be bringing our baby home, her brother and sister wouldn’t be able to meet their new sibling.

The days, weeks and months that followed this experience have been tough but with the help of Sands UK and Sands United Ashby Football Team, after dusting off my football boots and unretiring as a footballer, we have had help to process the grief and the pain.

As a Bio-Synergy athlete, marathon and ultra marathon runner, my sport and exercise has always been the best way to channel my mind, my headspace and my thoughts and feelings.

Running has taught me strength in adversity and just how to cope in many a struggle. How oh how I’ve need all of that mental strength over the past few months.

Sands United Ashby was started in June 2020 by Matt Buckley, also an expectant father that suffered the same pain and the same fate some time earlier. The work that Matt and my new teammates put in to this brotherhood, this United team spirit is exceptional and whilst we wish and we work for others not to have to go through the same fate as we have, we welcome the best band of brothers we wished we hadn’t had to meet.

This October I will be running my 3rd London marathon in memory of my still born baby Robin, my wife and family, my teammates at Sands United Ashby FC and all of the mothers and fathers that have experienced the same cruel fate.

Together with BioSynergy and Sands UK we will attempt to raise awareness so that people can have the same support and care that my family have had in the months that have passed since November.

To donate to Sands United Ashby FC for the amazing work Matt and the team do there please visit

Your support means absolutely everything.