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Vanilla protein waffles with peanut butter sauce

Vanilla protein waffles with peanut butter sauce
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Makes 2 – 3 waffles
1 scoop Whey Better – Vanilla
50g greek yoghurt
2 medium egg whites
1 whole medium egg
½ tsp baking powder
30g oats
How to make
Blend all ingredients and add enough water – about 50ml to make a single cream consistency batter.
Spray your waffle makes with Frylight and evenly fill, then cook for about 2mins – don’t over cook otherwise they will go tough instead of light and fluffy.
Mix your favourite peanut butter with a little hot water to make it runny enough to drizzle over your waffles, slice bananas and then sprinkle dark chocolate chips.
Macros per serving
30g protein
20g carbs
10-15g fat