#WorkoutWednesday – Leg Workout with Phoebe Robinson-Galvin


Just ahead of FitPro live, we caught up with Bio-Synergy ambassador Phoebe Robinson-Galvin for #WorkoutWednesday. Check out this awesome legs and glutes workout whenever you next fancy a challenge. #MakeItHappen 


1a Banded Glute walks 5-7mts x4

1b BB elevated glute bridge x15

1c DB step ups x6/6

x 3 sets (60s rest)

2a BB Deadlifts x6-10 x4 sets (60-90s rest)


3a Elevated Sumo Squat x8-10

3b Bulgarian Lunge x6/6

x4 sets (60-90s rest)


4a Laying Ham curl x8

4b Standing calf raise single x8/8

4c KB/DB Goblet squat x25

x 3 sets

Don’t forget to catch Phoebe and the of #TeamBioSynergy at FitPro tomorrow and Friday #MakeItHappen