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#TeamBioSynergy's Road to #Rio2016: Week 3

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The Road to #Rio2016 continues with Bio-Synergy.
Both Owen and Ben have been busy this week in their respective disciplines
This weekend, Owen competed in the British Open, a European Cup event. This is a well-recognised event and in previous years he has only been able to finish 5th and 3rd.
This year, however, Owen took Gold. He took part in four fights, all of which he won. He was also named Player of the Day.

BRITISH OPEN DAY 2 PLAYER OF THE DAY – OWEN LIVESEY -81kgHave a look at his journey onto the top of the podium #BritishOpenJudo!

Posted by British Judo Association on Sunday, 12 July 2015

Owen’s first fight was against an opponent from Switzerland, where he was able to defeat him with a Waza Ari (7-point score). After this he moved onto an Italian opponent, who he managed to throw after 2 minutes for Ippon (maximum score) and progress to the semi final where again he received a maximum score, this time against the Swedish opponent.
The final was a repeat of the Commonwealth Games final from last year where he fought Tom Reed. He threw him for a 7 point score before catching him again for a 5-point score to take the Gold. Next for Owen is the World Cup in Chinese Taipei where he will be looking too win Gold again and get 100 points towards his World Ranking.
Ben had been away in France one week after the decathlon in France.
“My body feeling battered and bruised, aches and pains from the Lower back to knees and ankles. Full body soreness, to be expected from pushing myself in 10 events over 2 days in 35-40 degree heat!,” said Ben.
“My club Birchfield harriers had a very important British Athletics League competition up in Glasgow. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle another competition a week after the decathlon, typically I would take 1 easy week and build the training up in the 2nd week post decathlon and maybe compete the next weekend. My team manager called me and said they needed me so I booked flight and headed up to Glasgow. Another 5 events later including 2 I have never done before (400mH , Triple Jump probably will never do again) and some significant points for the club,” added Ben.
Ben will go back into training this week aiming for another decathlon in the first week of August.
“We will build up the training in the next few weeks targeting flat speed, max velocity and jumps. Easy points to be made in my last 2 decathlons, my throws have been very solid so they can take a back step while we focus technical training in the jumps and sprints,” said Ben.
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