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Stefan Kauffman's Epic Training Split

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This week for #WorkoutWednesday we caught up with Super7 ambassador Stefan Kauffman who shared his gruelling four-day training split with us.
Primarily compiled of compound movements and attacking multiple muscle groups per day, this unique split is guaranteed to lead to strength and size gains.
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4 day training week over 3 weeks: (ABC)
Day 1:
Legs, chest, abs
Back Squat 6×3 @70%1RM(A) 70(B) 70(C)
Deadlift 5×5 @80%(A) +5kg(B) +2.5kg(C)
Bench Press 4×8 @70% +2.5(B) +2.5kg(C)
4 Chest isolation exercises @ 3×12
2 Ab exercises
Day 2:
Deadlift 6×3 @70(A) 70(B) 70(C)
Bench Press 5×5 @80(A) +5kg(B) +2.5kg(C)
Squat 4×8 @70(A) +2.5kg(B) +2.5kg(C)
4 Leg Isolations, (quads, hams, calves)
Day 3:
Bench Press 6×3 @70(A) 70(B) 70(C)
Squat 5×5 @80(A) +5kg(B) +2.5kg(C)
Deadlift 4×6 @70(A) +2.5kg(B) +2.5kg(C)
4 Back isolation exercises
2 Ab exercises
Day 4 (much easier day):
Pull downs 4×8
Cable pulls 4×8
Pull ups 4×8
Shrugs 4×8
Front raises 4×8
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