12 Week Challenge

What a Crazy couple of weeks!!!

Hi everyone!
Sorry I’ve been so quiet – I’m still here, promise!  What a crazy week that’s flown by?!?  So as you may know from my previous post, I was in Germany for 2 weeks visiting various members of my family and jumping around like the sweaty, mad, yet determined woman that I am, in many a German garden, balcony, beach and road…  And I have the sportswear tan lines to prove it..  Sadly not very sexy at all, especially the white inch-wide bands I have just below each knee from my jumper’s knee straps..  Mind you, having said that, I don’t think I need to worry too much as the weather back here in England is barely worthy of skimpy summer clothing anyway, so the strange white lines shall remain hidden for now…  hehe!
So, the reason I have not written, emailed and have barely kept a food diary (sorry Ann) – is that I was a very clever little bunny – on returning to the UK with my mother and 2 year old son (with 4 bags in tow) we managed to lose a suitcase somewhere between the 2 trains and the airport…  This wouldn’t be too bad, but this particular case just happened to contain my laptop charger and training clothes..  So I didn’t have internet or indeed a computer at all until a day or two ago when I spent stupid amounts of money replacing it (twice)..
It also meant that I had a three (or four perhaps) day break from high intensity exercise while I replaced trainers, shorts, etc (thank goodness the sales are still on)..  And it was just as well really because my mother wasn’t here for long and I was starting to get shin splints in my legs…  So now, finally, after much ado, bother, sweat and tears I am more or less back on track, but with a slightly less happy looking food budget due to the unexpected expenditure and an oven that doesn’t work anymore…  Pair that up with the loving landlady who doesn’t care at all and it’s all too much going pear-shaped within a short space of time!
I have managed to lose a little weight this week though and some of my friends are saying I’m looking too skinny which is new in my life!  But I am happy, in the healthy weight range (BMI of 24) and I feel more confident than ever.  I think that Bio-synergy’s CLA has really helped me to shift the stubborn fat that I used to have trouble shifting previously when I worked out, but unfortunately I have also lost nearly all of my “female assets” (for want of a better description)…  This makes me feel a little odd, but I’m getting used to it slowly but surely..
Hope everyone else is doing well and staying positive!  I’m quite sad and upset that the end is in sight actually..  Although I will carry this on hopefully for the rest of my life, I’ve really enjoyed being part of a little team and having the support and reading about everyone’s adventures along the way!
Have a great week guys!