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Mid Season Testing – Fuelled By Bio Synergy

Hi Everyone,
I have been very busy over the past 2 months training and pre-season testing for my racing season. As I am fortunate enough to be a Bio Synergy athlete, the past couple of months has given me a chance to try some of their fabulous products and incorporate them into my training.

Annalese Ferrari and her Essential Sports Fuel

As long as we can raise the suitable budget, I will be racing in the last 4 rounds of the AirAsia Renault Clio Cup (as broadcast live on ITV4) for Finesse Motorsport at Snetterton (Norfolk), Rockingham (Northants), Silverstone (Northants/Bucks, home of British Formula 1 Grand Prix) and Brands Hatch (Kent). A few weeks ago, I was out testing in my race car and found myself running some very quick times, impressing the team and driver coach who think I have a good chance of being a frontrunner in the 25 strong car grid. I will also be the first and only girl in the series since 2007. As well as testing for Clio Cup, I have also been out testing in a proper race kart, for the Senior Rotax Max class reaching speeds of up to 90mph. Driving this kart is very physical and requires a lot of upper body strength. I find that drinking Bio Synergy Sports Fuel (Strawberry) helps to keep me hydrated and alert and gives me the extra boost to keep my focus and concentration. I have noticed a significant improvement since using Sports Fuel. Also, using Skinny Protein Bars as a quick energising snack keeps me going in between meals instead of reaching for sweets or chocolate bars. Whey Better is also helping with my build of upper body strength too – all great products that I would recommend to everyone as you can really see the results.
As well as racing, I work with cars as well. I am a motorsport instructor and I teach people how to drive high powered race and sports cars and I have also been doing some driving and presenting work for car magazines in high-performance cars. I find, particularly on hot days when I have my helmet and race suit on for prolonged periods, that Bio-Synergy Sports Fuel keeps me going and tastes great too!
It has been a busy few months as I have also been out training in southern Spain and was lucky enough to be in the Formula 1 pitlane at the F1 Grand Prix of Europe, Valencia. It was a great experience and I was there supporting my friend who races in the Porsche Supercup, a championship I am aiming to compete in within the next 2-3 years. It was extremely hot in Valencia, and the circuit is also a street circuit so it requires maximum concentration to avoid the temporary walls and the harbour! I would definitely be taking my Sports Fuel to competing there for hydration and energy and was even drinking it whilst walking round the circuit!
Well, that is enough from me now, will hopefully have some more updates soon…