12 Week Challenge

Two weeks left!

Well, the 12-week challenge has definitely shown my ups and downs, particularly with how much life can mess you about.  About halfway through the challenge, I had two health issues to deal with, both of which messed with my training and also my weight, but I was very happy to finally get them both out of the way.  Most notably, my hamstring injury has been worked on with muscle activation therapy, which has seriously impacted my rock climbing as my weak muscles that were activated are now too weak to do some of the movements I usually do (such as rockovers onto one foot).  My knee shakes quite a bit, so I had to tone down some of my training and stick to endurance.  I also took two weeks off from my usual coaching sessions with Rob because my climbing felt so bad.  However, I have been ignoring the pain in my hamstring after climbing sessions for so long, it is time to deal with them.  My other issue is that I have stopped using my birth control pill and my hormones have been a little wild the last 5/6 weeks.  As a result, my weight and water retention has been worse.  Thanks to Pinnothin and Body Perfect, I have managed to maintain my weight loss and still keep on losing the inches.  Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and still keep on trucking!