12 Week Challenge

1 Week To Go!

Just one week to go! By the end of my challenge, I have now embraced my body and embraced my training in a different way. I have started to enjoy the learning process, but also figure out ways of eating good food. I have also relaxed a bit where I am having a little cheat here and there, but maintaining my healthy eating patterns. Something of which I never used to do before. Before, I would be strict as heck about my diet and then completely fall off the wagon for weeks on end. This time, with encouragement from Ann and John, I managed to have a couple of beers during the week and a couple of cheats, but manage to jump back on the wagon easily because I didn’t feel bad and didn’t feel I needed to just say, “oh well” this time around. Throughout the 12 weeks, it was easy to lose weight at the start, at the middle I fell off the wagon for 4-5 days (again because I was being too strict at the beginning) and then continued to lose inches, but no weight. This week, I finally lost weight again. So my body was definitely changing in different ways. In total so far, I have lost 21.5 inches (54.6 cm) everywhere and 6.4 kg (14 pounds). I have managed to increase my training, which I have not been able to do before and still recover better. I have also stopped buying beer or sweets for home and only go out for them. I have been eating fresh green salads every day and taking my supplements, but I have especially have found a new relationship with food, where it is no longer an emotional crutch, but more of something to enjoy and be aware of to be healthier and fitter for my sport. I am extremely grateful to John and Ann Mather for the experience.