12 Week Challenge

2 days to my first Triathlon

It’s the Friday before my triathlon and I’m thinking I’ve probably not trained enough but I know I’ll finish. I also know I’ll get my Personal Best (PB) as it’s my first triathlon so by Sunday afternoon I’ll be able to refer to myself as a triathlete with a PB.
In the process of getting ready for the Triathlon on the 12 week challenge I’ve lost a stone in weight, 2 inches around my waist and started running – a sport I haven’t liked for a long time, This has been enabled by the advice and shakes and supplements provide by Ann at Famously Fit and the Bio Synergy team.  I have had far more energy than before which I firmly believe is down to the Thermogen, NO2 and Creatine supplements, the whey better protein shake and the Pure Energy drink. I also think Ann’s advice on the right foods to eat, when to eat them and the right portion size has helped massively. I only seem to have energy dips when I’ve strayed from the eating plan, which I have to say is rare now as I don’t crave sugary rubbish, bread, pasta and rice anymore. I replace these with quality proteins and good carbs and sugars,
So it’s been suggested that I don’t train for the next couple of days to enable me to be race fit, that will be hard as I enjoy my training (never thought I’d say that) and I have time to train but I will follow the advice.
I’ll post again to describe my Triathlon experience early next week. If anyone wants to donate to Cancer Research UK through sponsorship you can do so here at www.justgiving.com/john-o-flynn