12 Week Challenge

The end of a long and winding road…

Hi there everyone – please excuse the ridiculously late (by just over a week) post to mark the end of our 12 week journey..   The last few weeks have been pretty life-changing and unexpected in not-so-pleasant ways, so I’ve been a little distracted trying to plot new courses and figure out new futures!
In regards to the end of the challenge – I have learnt so much throughout the 12 weeks (especially diet-wise) and have really managed to transform not only my body, but also my mind into a motivated and positive state!
Altogether with the help from John at Bio-Synergy & Ann from Famously Fit I have managed to really tone and cut my body through hard work, healthy and clean eating & the correct supplements to support all this!
So!  The important bit..  Results!  I have managed to lose a further 12.4 inches around my body, lost 2.3kg in weight and have come down a dress size or so too!  Not too shabby for 3 months worth of work.  I’ve checked my HR monitor and I can also report that this was achieved through only 85 hours and 47 minutes..  (Maybe a little more as I did a few workouts without it too).  Bottom line is that it’s all achievable – if I can do it, anyone can!
I have carried on with my exercise and healthy eating and plan to keep it going forever.  Why not!?!?  It’s not that hard really – I think most of the time it’s a mental hurdle – we’re blasted by “healthy” junk food from every direction throughout each waking day – the TV, advertising on the tube, buses, supermarkets – it never ends, but in actual fact everything we need to live healthy is right there in front of us, it’s just usually not as exciting looking or popular as other choices out there.  Once you start on the path though and stick to it, your body starts to react to the change – when I ate a piece of birthday cake for my son’s 3rd birthday last week I got what I can only describe as a “food hangover” – I felt awful and I can only guess it’s because the only sugar that really makes it into my diet nowadays is through fruit… Icing sugar and cake just weren’t welcome anymore in this temple..
I look forward to the future (much as the last few days events have changed it forever) and will definitely keep up with the exercise and diet!  What an amazing experience!  Thank you to everyone involved and my fellow challengers for being amazing and working through it all!