12 Week Challenge

12 weeks have flown by, triathlon success

So the 12 weeks are up and I feel so much better, I’ve changed shape, lost weight got more energy and improved my diet and exercise. Significantly I have completed my first ever super sprint triathlon and between myself and my brother raised over £1000 for cancer Research UK.

The 12 weeks started when a huge box of whey better protein shakes, NO2, Thermogen and Creatine Plus Supplements and Skinny Bars arrived at my home. This was then followed by a review of my 12-week goals with Ann from Fabulously Fit and some initial measurements so I would know where I started and where I got to. Ann then sent me a nutritional plan and an exercise plan designed initially to help me lose weight but also to build up my fitness for the triathlon.   The dietary information was based on blocks of protein and the right carbs plus essential oils and vitamins from nuts and seeds with the supplements from Bio Synergy. I cut out all pasta, rice, bread, potatoes and cakes etc and replaced this with vegetables and fruits. Some vegetables and fruits are better than others and Ann explained all this so I was getting the best benefit. Within a week I’d lost 2-3 lbs and within 12 weeks I’d lost a stone.


My fitness started to improve and I combined the exercise that Ann had planned for me with spinning classes at the gym. I started to get fitter although even after 12 weeks I feel my running ability has a long way to go to be considered OK. Running is something I want to focus on for my next Triathlon so I can complete the running element without walking any part of it.


On 15th July I successfully completed my super sprint triathlon at Sutton Park In Sutton Coldfield I came 9th out of all the males in the super sprint event which I was really pleased with as my goal was to finish the event. The winner was exactly half my age and the man that came last was almost twice my age – I think he was amazing to do a triathlon at 82 although I don’t know whether it was his first or one of many.


The water was cold and murky, the cycling started with a long hill and had a number of tight curves and the running was on grass tracks mostly and up and down. However, it was made easier by the fantastic support and atmosphere provided by the volunteers, event staff, the supporters of the triathletes and the fellow triathletes who were competing. It was this fantastic atmosphere that has spurred me on to want to do another – and the fact I can now call myself a triathlete.


So I achieved my goal of completing a triathlon and that is thanks to the support of Bio Synergy, Ann at Famously Fit and my family and we’ve raised over £1000 for Cancer research UK.