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What is SAQ Training?
SAQ Training is Speed, Agility and Quickness Training. This method of training aims to improve an athlete’s multi-directional movement by reprogramming their neuromuscular system

What are the benefits of this method of training?
This method of training is normally performed by top level Athletes but more and more we are seeing amateurs and semi-professionals using this method of training in their respective sport to progress.

This type of training is very beneficial as it helps to improve your power in lateral, linear, horizontal movement, ground force reaction time, brain signal efficiency, spatial awareness and motor skills.

It also looks to improve the acceleration of your legs and arms as well as being able to slow it down.

Who is this training specific to?
Traditionally this type of training is specific to top level athletes as it requires a lot of strength and conditioning to perform this type of regime. As mentioned before beginners and intermediate sports persons are using this type of regime to improve their performance. But also your normal gym goers are using this type of training as a form of HIIT to burn body fat and functional training.

How has the traditional SAQ Training methods changed?
The traditional SAQ Training methods has changed over the course of the years because in recent times a lot more newer methods have been added to the equation. This would be things such as resistant band training, plyometric training, balance, strength training, pushing and pulling exercises and core strengthening exercises

6 Key SAQ Exercises

  1. High Knees with Mini Hurdles
  2. 30 Yard Sprint
  3. Agility Ring Hops
  4. Ladder 2 in 2 out
  5. Depth Jumps
  6. Overhead Ball Drop Reaction Drill

1-2 = Speed
3-4 = Agility
5-6 = Quickness

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