Fitness Tips

Secrets to Olympic Success.


Over the last 19 years, Bio-Synergy has worked with many of the world’s leading coaches, sport scientists and athletes, from a range of disciplines including Double Olympic Gold medallist James Cracknell.

So it is with almost un-paralleled experience that we can share 3 keys to achieving your fitness goals.

1. Hard work. It is no surprise that winning and success are achieved by those that put in the extra hours at the gym, track, pool or on the field and those who do, increase the chances of success significantly. If you want to get more out of every session by maximising every rep, then Creatine Plus, which is proven to increase explosive power, strength and reduce muscle fatigue is a must.
2.Eat to win. There is a widely accepted belief that winning starts in the kitchen and that you cannot out-train a poor diet. It is for this reason that elite athletes and teams rely on nutritionally balanced high-quality meals to meet the requirements of their vigorous training schedules to ensure that the are fuelling their bodies correctly. If you neglect your diet, you are setting up yourself to fail, and top athletes will use a high-quality protein such as Whey Better and vitamin to ensure that they are 100%
3.Recovery. So you’ve put in the hours, followed a healthy eating plan, now it’s time for the hard part rest! Top athletes know that recovery is important to success, but can find this hard as they tend to have a strong work ethic, so a rest day has to be forced, the same goes for amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

So that’s it.. easy? Not really, you will still need to have the right attitude, focus, discipline and the control to #MakeItHappen.