12 Week Challenge

So far, so good!

Wow, I’m just over a week into the 12 week challenge and I’m feeling great! Cleaning up my diet has really helped and after getting through the initial sugar cravings, I feel better than ever. As Ann noted from my food diary, I had started eating a lot of sugary foods in response to coming off a low carb diet and was feeling that my body was starting to become much softer than I wanted it to be. I knew my diet was to blame but I think I needed to hear it from someone else in order to start taking action.
Just a week into this new regime and my abs are beginning to come through again and my body’s starting to look more sculpted again. Using my weightlifting regime, I feel like I’m finally getting results again after a bit of a plateau.
The supplements have been really effective as well. Particularly the energy drink which is helping me get through my workouts much more effectively and Pinnothin, which seems to keep me feeling fuller for longer, so it’s doing its job well!
It’s been a bit of a hectic week as I’m busy getting my personal training business off the ground, so I’m not fully in a routine yet with my eating and exercise, which is my main problem, but all the pieces are starting to fall into place and the results speak for themselves. So onwards and upwards, I’m sure next week will be even better. I’ll keep you all posted.