12 Week Challenge

End of Week 1!

Hello All – So I have survived the first week! I’m starting to get used to the differences in my diet and exercise regime. I have a really busy job and it’s difficult to schedule in the snacks I need between main meals whilst at work but I’ve got a few choices now which I rotate to ensure I’m getting a combination of protein, good carbs and good dietary fats with each meal and snack. It’s all about preparation! The supplements that Bio-Synergy sent me have been a great help. The vanilla skinny protein bars are delicious and so handy for when I’m at work. Following Ann’s advice, I’m adding the skinny protein powder shake to my porridge on a morning and it not only tastes great (I have the yummy chocolate flavour!) but provides a great meal to start off the day too – I top it with chopped almonds to ensure I have a combination of protein, good carbs and good dietary fats.
I’m surprisingly not missing ‘bad’ carbs as I thought I would be. I expected to be craving pasta, potato, etc but thankfully I’m not! I have much more energy and whilst the scales aren’t showing I’ve lost a great deal of weight yet (but I guess it’s only been a week so far so I should be patient!), all of my clothes feel looser and I just generally feel a lot healthier.
Ann advised me to do a 3-5km run twice a week. Whilst I’ve always used treadmills in the gym, I used to only do 10 minute jogs before moving on to the next cardio machine. Yesterday I attempted the longer run for the first time and managed the full 5km. I know this really isn’t a great distance for most people but it was for me who isn’t good at long distance running! I felt great afterwards!
I’m looking forward to seeing how I feel at the end of this week as I’m trying hard to follow the diet plan and exercise regime as closely as possible and can’t wait to see how physically great I feel because of it! Good luck to everyone else on the Challenge and keep up the great work!