12 Week Challenge

Almost finished with week 1!

Hey everyone!

Eating healthy looks awesome!

Hope you’ve all had a great week!  It’s been an interesting one for me.  I started off by tweaking my diet and trying to focus much more on making sure I have the right mix of carbs, proteins and fats at every meal.  (I’m terrible – sometimes if I don’t make an effort I often would skip meals, or miss one of the major groups out of a meal completely).  So, it’s been difficult – I still almost skipped a couple of meals, although I blame Transport for London on those accounts completely!  Getting home at 11pm when you left London hours earlier (and somehow end up waiting 2 hours in the freezing cold) does not lead to a good balanced meal…  So I ended up waiting til breakfast came again.  🙁
I must say that I am feeling a lot more bright and chirpy since the diet shake-up and a large part of this is probably also to do with the copious amounts of water I am drinking.  Water = amazing!  Since starting with Bio-Synergy’s recommended supplements I am also feeling like I could work-out all day long!!  (Much to the frustration of my son – “No more, mummy!  No more! Finished?”)  He does get up and join in with me though which is hilarious!
So far I have exercised every day and I’m thinking I might take a rest day on Sunday and just do some yoga and stretching. I’ve got my Polar FT40 (a heart-monitor watch) as my own personal work-out buddy as most of my friends either work out at the gym or are working during the times I have to workout! (I live in a flat on the 3rd floor, so I can’t jump around too much early mornings or evenings – poor guys downstairs might think an elephant’s going to fly through their roof otherwise).  Has anyone else got a HR monitor that they use?  I find it incredibly motivating to be able to monitor my progress like this, more so than constant weigh-ins as during my last high-intensity program I found I lost barely any weight, but loads of inches.  Fitness & health are definitely more important to me than weight!
Got some photos coming soon too – a few silly pics of food, workouts and general sillyness!  Hope to hear from you guys soon and hope you all have an amazing weekend!