12 Week Challenge

Progress so far!

Well I have to say, I’ve never been more determined to succeed than when I signed up for this 12 week challenge. So far this year I’ve managed to lose 4 stone of excess baby weight, but my weight loss had slowed down to a halt before I started the challenge a few weeks ago. Since sticking to the dietary advice, exercise plan and suggested supplements, my weight loss has been kick-started again with steady and constant losses each week of a couple of pounds. Also, recording the stats on my body measurements has helped to show which areas I am losing weight from. My strength has improved too and therefore I’m progressing faster in my pole dance training. I’ve taken up ballet fitness to improve my posture and flexibility which will also help with the elegance needed to push forward in my pole dance training.
I also love zumba with a passion and took part in a flash mob in the middle of my local town centre on Saturday to raise awareness for a forthcoming zumbathon event in November which is designed to raise funds for breast cancer awareness. This was both exhilarating and nerve-wracking, but an awesome experience!
My stamina for running has also improved. I only started to run about 6 weeks ago but have noticed my overall speed has increased already. I am aching a little less with the resistance/circuits training now that my body has began to become accustomed to it! Haha!
The 12 week challenge has changed my lifestyle and made me far more aware of how to fuel my body in order to lose weight and get the most out of my chosen sports. Bring on the rest of the challenge…. I am determined to succeed! Watch this space for updates on my progress.