12 Week Challenge

My first 3 weeks

Ok where to start, so far the 12 week challenge has been full of ups and downs! I’m 10 inches down but only 2lbs off. Depressing, eh?
My motivation this weekend has left alot to be desired – some very bad things were eaten –  although I still did 5 hours in the gym so I dont know if that might cancel the naughty treats. I feel like I’m getting fitter as I’ve knocked my 5km time down by nearly 7 mins in 3 weeks but it’s like the scales are tilted against me. I was nearly all the way off the band wagon but after reading some of the posts on here I am re-motivated to get back on track tomorrow and just keep going. If anyone has some tips to keep me motivated please let me know as somewhere out there is a little black Christmas dress with my name on it.