12 Week Challenge

Good Health Show

Had a really good weekend in Telford for the Good Health Show. Met Ann, Cengiz and John and was good to finally be able to put a face to a name. Throughout the day I listened to many different nutritionists and I really feel that I am starting to understand the science bit behind why it’s so important to follow the plan. My biggest problem is the eating regularly, and understanding the science behind this has shown me how important this is to maintain weight loss. I can’t wait until my chest infection clears up so that I can start training again, however with the extra knowledge that this weekend has given me I feel that I can improve my nutrition even more and include the odd treat (80% good 20% bad!) It was also nice to realise that most people within the industry are now singing off the same (or similar) hymn sheet, which makes getting info much easier and clearer. Thank you Ann for the free entry to the show and I’ve now been inspired to look into becoming a personal trainer one day.