12 Week Challenge

Powering through, but still slow on results… : /

Hi everyone!
So, week 2 is over and I’ve worked my bottom off this week with all my exercises!  I actually also made a load of Ewelina’s homemade protein bars with a slightly tweaked recipe to allow for what I had in the cupboards (less light condensed milk, more oats, water & dried fruit) – they look pretty good though and don’t taste bad at all!  In fact I believe I got about 36 bars out of one lot!  I now have containers full of protein bar goodness ready for if I ever need a quick and healthy filler!
Actually, my diet plan was a little off this week due to some unforeseen circumstances (I had fraud committed on my account, so my cupboards were a little emptier than usual while I waited for my money to be recovered) and I ended up skipping a few meals due to having to go and sort out a load of things that came up from this and other problems which meant I was away from home longer than I anticipated.  A tough and rather emotional week really!
One thing I did find this week, however, is that anger and frustration can easily be recycled (through exercise) into much more useful things like muscle & strength – Ann’s exercise ball workout has really strengthened some of the muscles I was perhaps not able to work out as much in some of the other workouts and was a great help when I was releasing all that pent-up anger!  I also dug out some old Tae Bo extreme workouts that I used to use and had a go at them too on the back of the prescribed workouts.  You gotta love a little bit of Billy Blank!
The only thing I have not yet been able to manage is the running…  My son is NOT a fan of sitting in his buggy for longer than 2 minutes and unfortunately the thing is on it’s last wheels, so doesn’t work too well when pushed at speed, lol!  I need to see if I can get a babysitter a couple of times a week so I can take a run round the local park. If it counts though, I have run about 2 miles each week (up and down a long hill) trying to make the train for my Spanish lessons in central London every Thursday!  I even run up and down all the escalators on the way, to the bemused and often confused glances from other commuters (perhaps it’s not entirely normal to run outside of rush hour  traffic in London – my lessons being later at night and all).
Other than that though – I’ve been working, working, working and I can’t seem to see much of a difference in my weight or size yet…  I feel great though and my body certainly looks and feels firmer and tighter… I seem to have gained quite a bit of muscle mass – but I guess we’ll see what next week brings..
Maybe I ought to get more sleep in the nights (I read somewhere that getting at least 7 hours a night significantly changes the body’s aptitude – up to 15% difference – for weight-loss as part of a diet and exercise regime).  Guess my 3-6 hours a night might not be sufficient then.