12 Week Challenge

What a sad loss…

It seems that even when I stick to my work out plan and diet advice I don’t get anywhere. I’m impressed with the results that other challengers are getting. Well done guys! Me on the other hand – I’ve only lost 0.5kg. I’m not sure if that should even count. Maybe I need to introduce myself to more drastic methods. Definitely more exercise and probably less snacking.
I’ve been trying the various work outs that Ann has suggested and I must say that I really enjoy them – especially the fitball plan. I’m slightly disappointed as I can’t complete some of the circuits. My wrists won’t let me stay in a planking position for more than a minute, so I have to skip those. Other than that I think that my workout plan is really good and it lets me do some serious work on all of my body.
I’m looking forward to achieving my goal, even if it takes more work and focus than I expected. Hopefully this week will bring me some results. Also I would like to ask other challengers if they are happy to share their diets. I’m not sure if mine is actually working for me and would like to see some fresh ideas.