12 Week Challenge

Another successful week!

Hello Everyone. Just to give you a quick update on how I’ve got on with week 3 – it’s been quite successful again! I’ve lost around 2-3lbs and a total of 6.5 inches overall this week which I’m really pleased with. I’m glad that I was asked to record all of my measurements each week as I’ve now noticed that I’m losing lots of inches all over. I was previously focussing on what the scales were telling me but now I’m concentrating also on my specific measurements. I think that I might be building muscle now due to all of the exercise I’m doing and this is why I’m seeing the inches dropping off my measurements.
I tried Ewelina’s recipe for the homemade protein bars and they are delicious! Thanks Ewelina! I’m going to focus on getting all of my snacks fitted in to my meal plan this week – I often skip some mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks if I’m busy at work so I’m going to try and stop doing this and ensure that I’m eating every 3 hours as recommended by Ann to keep my metabolism going inbetween meals.
I’m still really enjoying my new varied exercise plan and actually look forward to my workouts now – how things have changed! Well done to everyone else on completing the last 3 weeks and best of luck for week 4!