12 Week Challenge

One month gone already!

Hey guys!  I can’t believe we’re one month in already!  I have to be honest; it’s been a crazy few weeks!  This week (a little like last week and the next few weeks to come unfortunately) is set to be busier than London Bridge during rush hour…  I’ve been managing to get all of my workouts in so far and have stuck with changes to my diet (as well as working on it further obviously), but I’m having issues with missing meals occasionally – I get caught out shopping/at appointments longer than expected or end up taking my son to the promised land (the park) because he’s sat (or joined in) through so many hours of workouts in the living room and I feel guilty..        Unfortunately taking him out to the park and having a run around or doing my workouts out there are pretty much out of the question..  Too many dangerous dogs with teenagers who don’t bother putting them on leashes and the like for me to feel comfortable about it – guess that’s one of the cons for living in the big smog..
This week I’ve also been organizing my 30th birthday!  EEeeeek!  So I have tried to schedule around exercise regime and trying to disaster-control any possible diet mishaps before they occur – I am guessing that by the words many friends have had with me, that my main issue on the day may very well contain empty calories & possibly be alcohol-related..  So I shall stick to my diet plan as usual, then allow myself 1 slice of cake on the Friday (before handing it all out very quickly so there is no temptation later) and then allow myself some drinks and schedule a rest day for Saturday, which will no doubt be spent re-hydrating my body and getting it ready to hit the exercise regime again by the Sunday..  Think that should work quite well…  Does anyone else have any “hints & tips” for staying as healthy and on-track as possible throughout celebrations?
Anyhow – Although I still haven’t lost tonnes of weight or inches to speak of yet, only a couple here and there, I am happy.  I feel like I am “re-structuring” my body – fat is being replaced by muscle, muscle tone is becoming way more apparent and my confidence is flying high.  I started this challenge hoping to lose significant amounts of weight, but now I am just happy with the health benefits I’ve noticed and felt alone.  I’ve gone down a couple of clothes sizes, even though weight loss and inch loss has been slow..  Which just goes to show…  There are many ways in which to judge your own success..  Have a great week everyone!