12 Week Challenge

New Challenges and More Goals!

After another week, 0.8 kg. (1.76 pounds) and 3 inches lost all over.  I’m a little bulkier than usual due to the power training towards my bouldering competition, but this should all go down again in the coming weeks.  It is now three days before my bouldering competition and the day before my final ever exam of my two-year Master’s degree.  It has not been easy doing the studying and the intensive training on top of the dieting, but in the end, it was about a lot of focus to get myself going.  I’m ready as I could ever be for both exam and competition, but then as I read on a forum “Release the doubt.  Picture yourself latching on to that last hold.  Be confident, make the move and know you can do it.”  The one thing I notice the most about achieving your goals is it’s all about planning and a little bit of mental training and confidence.
In other and better news, I’ve fit into my old skinny jeans from a few years back, so that is good!  I’ve also noticed a huge difference in my recovery levels.  I really don’t wake up all groggy still and having only one coffee a day has made a huge difference in my dependency levels on sugar and caffeine.  Though I’m afraid I will have to go in with a triple shot skinny latte for tomorrow’s three and a half hour exam!
My next challenges are now slightly in the future, but I will have another bouldering competition in two months time, I am looking to train to either climb the Mont Blanc or the Dolomites in the Fall and I have a multi-pitch climbing course with my friend, Chris, for a week in September in North Wales.  The final and last one is Kilimanjaro next year.  Should be interesting!  Hope the rest of you are doing well!  I’m finding it better to mix things up a bit with the food and therefore, I find it more interesting each time!