12 Week Challenge

End of the first month….

Hi Everyone. Week 4 is now over and I’ve lost another 3lbs and 2 inches overall this week. I’m starting to feel so much fitter now due to all the exercise I’m doing. Unfortunately I think my shin splints are starting to come back so I might have to avoid the treadmill for a while which is a shame as I’m really enjoying my two 5km runs I’m doing each week but I’ll just see how it goes. I’ll probably swap these two running sessions for cardio interval training in the gym doing a mix of rowing, cycling and using the elliptical trainer if I can’t run for a while.
I don’t feel like I’m on a diet at all and my mindset has changed towards food.  I now look at foods and think ‘what am I actually getting from this meal?’ and if it doesn’t have much protein or good carbs, I’m just not tempted which is great! I’m still having occasional treats – I allow myself one ‘treat’ meal a week (although I try and make this a healthier version of the standard recipe). I’m losing weight quite quickly at the moment but I’m aware that this might slow down at some point before I reach my goal weight and when it does, I’m planning to increase the amount of exercise I’m doing. But for now my current plan is working well so fingers crossed it will continue to!
Another major thing I’ve noticed as a result of my diet and fitness plan is just how much my energy levels have increased. I no longer feel really tired at work mid-afternoon and I’m sleeping better as well. A healthy diet combined with regular exercise really does deliver so many great results!!