12 Week Challenge

My crazy birthday week!

Hi everyone!
Hope you’ve all had a great week!  I’ve lost a little size again and some weight (finally!), but honestly I am getting less and less bothered about these gains/losses and more happy about the fact that I am feeling smiley, contented, fit and healthy in my life!
Thanks to Ann, John and my fellow 12 week challengers I have learnt loads, I understand more about myself & my relationship with food/exercise, I have come to accept my weaknesses – working on them day-by-day for a permanent solution and I have seriously come to appreciate my strengths which in turn has led me to become a more confident and happy person overall.  Or maybe all this has just been because I turned 30 this week…   Nah! lol!  I think it’s a mixture of everything, so here’s a MASSIVE thank you to you all!
I’ve been a bit rubbish in relation to keeping my food diary up-to-date properly this week – I had 2 different international visitors (friends and family) staying with me though, I painted and decorated 2.5 rooms in my house whilst juggling my 2 year old, did my usual studying/work and took the little one out to the park every sunny day there was as well as the big 3.0 celebrations over the weekend….  However, I am proud to say that although I went out and got a little bit drunk (vodka, slimline tonic & lime only), came back at 4.30am, slept at 6am, got up at 8.45am and then started my mummy duties with a delightful headache – I got it together, drank a good few pints of water with bio-synergys’ Pure Energy to rehydrate and got down with my workouts!  Starting my 30th year how I plan to finish it…
Have a great week guys – See you on the other side!