12 Week Challenge

End of week 6 update

Hi All. I hope everyone is still getting on really well with the challenge. I’ve lost another pound during week 6 which is good but I’d like to see more weight coming off quicker! I think I’ve inadvertently relaxed my diet a bit recently and I’m used to my exercise routine now so I’m now going to be very strict with my diet and increase my exercise to combat the slower weight loss.
As it was the long bank holiday weekend with all of the Jubilee celebrations, I haven’t eaten as well as I normally would have so I’m now going to focus on getting back on track. The next few weeks for me will be all about fitness and eating healthily ahead of going away at the end of the month. I would like to lose another 6lbs if possible by the end of the month so this is my goal. I might not quite reach that but it’s good to have goals to work towards!! I hope you have all had a great Jubliee weekend!