12 Week Challenge

My 12 week challenge – triathlon

This is my first blog on the 12 week challenge so a little about me, my goals and the support I have received so far. I am a 46 year old family man with 3 kids from age 8 to 17. I am 6ft tall and as I haven’t done much exercise over previous years and my diet was not brilliant, my weight had grown to 14st 7lbs, this doesn’t give a good BMI. I had therefore been thinking about setting myself a new goal to lose weight and get fit for some time. Then my 51 year old brother asked me to do a triathlon with him as he thought it would be good to do something for charity after losing a close uncle to Cancer. My brother has done a number of triathlons over the last 2 years to raise money for the Prostate charity that supported him when he was diagnosed at the age of 42. At the same time as he suggested this, Bio-synergy were looking for 12 week challenge entrants.
So setting myself a goal of being able to complete a triathlon (super sprint) at the end of 12 weeks and to lose 8kg in that time, I applied. These are scary goals to declare to the world as now I am committed. However, I recognise that the best way to achieve goals is to get the right support, advice and nutrition from day 1 and this is what I have.
The range of Bio-Synergy products I now have include whey better protein shakes, skinny bars, NO2 and thermogenic supplements. Ann from famously fit has provided me with ongoing excellent advice on my nutrition and exercise plan. She has reviewed a 2 week food diary I completed and is giving me very specific advice on the changes, the right foods and quantities to eat too and how to use the Bio-Synergy products in order to get an optimal effect, get more energy and achieve my goals.
Today is the first day of the 12 week challenge, the goals are in sight and I have identified the Birmingham triathlon on 15th July as my objective. While doing the triathlon, I am aiming to raise money for Cancer Research UK to help find a cure for a horrible disease that has affected so many lives If you feel you can donate even a small amount there is a donation page here http://www.justgiving.com/John-O-Flynn