12 Week Challenge

Starting the 12 week challenge

Hi guys,
I am taking part in the 12 week challenge and can’t wait to get started on Monday. I recently qualified as a personal trainer and am just starting to work with my first clients so of course I need to lead by example. I want to get myself into the best shape of my life and also learn what supplements work best so I can advise my clients based on my own personal experience.
Nutrition and fitness expert Ann Mather, who is going to be helping us all during the 12 week challenge was quick to identify my terrible sweet tooth. Last year I had a lot of success getting into great shape on a low carb diet which was extremely effective but not sustainable in the long term. I think as a result of that I have been rebelling by reaching for sweet things a little too often. My hope for the next 12 weeks is that I manage to kick my sugar addiction and start eating more healthily.
As far as my exercise goes, I spend so much time coming up with the perfect programmes for my clients that my own workouts have been a bit all over the place lately. I’m looking forward to starting a more structured plan to build some muscle and tone up a bit more than I am at the moment.
So here’s to the next 12 weeks, to gaining more energy, eating clean and feeling and looking fabulous. I can’t wait to get started!