12 Week Challenge

First Day Start

Hello Guys, I’ve been sick the last week and couldn’t exercise for 5 days and was bedridden for about 3 days, but luckily managed to feel a lot better to start the 12-week challenge on our official day.
Loss so far with our unofficial assistant from the wonderful Ann Mather:
3.5 inches lost throughout, which is pretty amazing already. However, I’ve been sick with that bad London cold, which lasts for about 2 weeks, so I had to take 5 days off. I’m happy to be back at it today. I started off with my supplements today and will keep on monitoring how this is doing. I’m not just saying this, but I am really impressed with their protein shake range, as I was able to try out strawberry flavour and I found that this tastes really great. One of the few shakes that has quality ingredients and doesn’t taste like chemicals like most other shakes out there. My climbing coach, Rob, is now back, so now we are starting our heavy weekly training. So far with the weight loss and energy, I have also managed to finish a V2 bouldering problem and have started to work V3 bouldering problems easier than before.
Would love to hear from the other 12-week challengers out there!