Do high reps really help you achieve a more leaner and toned physique?

Whether it’s a magazine, a friend at the gym or even a PT you might have come across some people that claim t higher reps when exercising will enable you to improve muscle tone and increase definition and striations. This however is a bit of a lie.
If you want to increase the amount of reps that you do you will at some point need to decrease the weight you are lifting. Reducing the weight will eventually reduce the size of your ‘targeted’ muscle group, as any tension being placed upon the muscle will require more muscle fibres to help survive the stress being placed upon it.
When the body no longer requires these muscle fibres it will begin to shed this unnecessary body weight to increase the overall efficiency of movement. Muscles don’t become more toned so to speak either, they appear more toned. The increased vascularity and striations (when you start to look like a leaf) associated with toned muscles doesn’t come from high reps but from a lowered body fat percentage, commonly achieved by sticking to a structured training and diet plan.
You cannot simply spot tone a muscle group, as this would require spot fat loss- which isn’t possible. To tone your muscles- whilst maintaining muscle mass- employ a training schedule that will focus on all rep ranges, complete cardio (both low and high intensity) and follow a diet aimed to reduce body fat slowly and sustainably.
Also look to measure the length of your rest periods. Keeping them shorter and more uniform will help you maintain a higher heart rate and keep up the intensity of your sessions.
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