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STRENGTH & POWER CIRCUIT by Ambassador Lawrence Farncombe

This circuit is ideal for most contact and combative sports, as the emphasis is on developing strength and power.
In this circuit, the Strength movements potentiate explosive power movements by using a complex training system approach. Complex training is a workout comprising of a resistance exercise followed by a matched plyometric exercise. You will notice a considerable amount of neck work included this circuit this is because; a, it is important in these types of sports, and b, it allows more recovery between complex movements helping to maintain overall technique.
It is essential not to grind out, creating energy leaks on strength movement. So keep weight between 80-85% 1rm, and be sure to maintain a minimum of three minutes rest period after A6 and B6 exercises, otherwise the circuit will no longer be strength and power dominant but be more endurance dominant.
With the neck exercises, I recommend using simple weight plates on the front side and back of your head. Or preferably, if training with a partner, use a towel as this is generally accepted as the best way to target the neck musculature. For more information on neck training please refer to my neck training videos on YouTube as these videos have all the information you could ever need to know how best to train your neck.
Strength & Power Circuit

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