Guest Posts

Hi there!

I’m Kirk, I’m 25 and have been involved with exercise as long as I can remember.
I am proud to represent Bio-Synergy for their excellent supplements and other products, I believe in the brand and their products.
I started training as a competitive swimmer at Oldbury Swimming Club from the age of 10, I found swimming developed my body really well, and gave me a good, all-round fitness level. I used to go to fitness classes with my Uncle and met some very inspirational people.
I stopped swimming as it started to take its toll on me, but I did always do some form of fitness either by exercise classes or very basic weight training.
I went to college but didn’t pay much attention there because my mind was always in the gym or on fitness. I achieved a few grades, even though I used to ditch college to work at some leisure centres as a lifeguard to earn extra money (and to fill the gap of my passion for fitness, which I felt I missed out on at college.)

After college I went on as a full time lifeguard and trained to become a gym instructor and it was there I found my passion. I loved (and still do!) training people and watching them progress and make them happy and comfortable with their bodies.
I did my Personal Trainer course soon after that and have done and still do regular workshops and learn new things. I am now looking to compete as a fitness model in 2014 so am currently in training for this, with Bio-Synergy’s help! My passion in life is to help motivate others with their training and to encourage others into a healthy lifestyle.