Update: Mark Anstey

Hi my name is Mark Anstey and I am delighted to be given this great opportunity by BIO-Synergy. I have been Weight training since I left school for around 8 years or so and when I left school I weighed very little over 10 stone and was very thin for my age. I was only 5 ft 8 at the time but as I continued to go to the gym regularly, eating correctly and reading up on a lot of research from different athletes. I started to see a change I started to put on size which didn’t happen over night. It was a long process but I was determined not to give up, even the days when I saw no difference in physique I kept training and trained harder if anything. I am now 26 years of age and I am 6ft 3 inch’s and weigh close to 15 stone and have a body fat percentage of 9 per cent so as you can see by the figures I have dramatically increased my weight transformed my physique and showed that hard work, dedication and persistence really has its rewards. I will now with the help of the support and supplementation from BIO Synergy start to prepare myself for a competition and will see how far I progress throughout the year. I thoroughly look forward to being an ambassador for BIO Synergy and I will make it my goal to help other people achieve their goals.