Solomon Pastor

Hi, my name is Solomon Pastor and I am very pleased to have been presented with this great opportunity by Bio-Synergy.
I am 17 years old and I have been playing football my whole life, representing QPR FC for 4 years, up until recently. My football has also taken me abroad to the likes of Italy, Brazil, Spain and Hungary. Training and playing for clubs such as Inter Milan, Messina FC, Fluminese FC, Espanol FC, Zaragoza FC, Palamos FC and Videoton FC.

Playing football to the level I have throughout my life, has required many attributes and so I consider myself an athlete. I train many hours a week both on the pitch and in the gym. I started going to the gym around 3 years ago and have loved it ever since, using it to go hand in hand with my football training. Taking supplements and having a well structured diet plan is a big factor in helping muscle growth and recover, helping me in my chosen sport. With the much needed help of Bio-Synergy Supplements and Sports Nutrition I can continue to work to achieve my goals and make it happen!
Thank you Bio-Synergy!