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Scott Wilson – World championship 2013

I have just returned from the 2013 World Biketrial Championship. This was my 15th year of competing at the world championships!

It was a mixed campaign for me. In the opening round In Spain I had a great ride, I felt good and rode well. The event was huge, held around the city centre of Igualada, near Barcelona during the afternoon and early evening. The sections were all man made and incorporated some monuments of the city. It attracted an amazing amount of spectators (over the weekend a good few thousand people watched) I didn’t have a great result here last year so wanted to  get my revenge on it! I finished in 11th place, beating a lot of good riders and being praised for my rides. It was a good day and I was really happy with my ride.

After the event we traveled through Spain, France, Switzerland and Germany having a bit of a holiday and also training along the way.
The 2nd round in the Czech Republic was different to Spain. This competition was held in the forests and was very technical which suited the smaller 20” wheeled bikes ( I was only 1 of 2 riders in Elite riding a 26” wheeled bike) so I was at a bit of a disadvantage. The evening before the event I had to attend a General Assembly meeting for the Biketrial International union as I am the rider representative. Not only did I end up missing my dinner because of it but I didn’t get back to camp until 11.30pm – and that was me getting away early! I don’t think I’m cut out for politics! When I did get back to camp, the restaurant/bar next to us was having some sort of party which didn’t finish until 3am, I was up at 8am for a 10am start. It was not an ideal way to start the day. I was also the first rider to start In Elite which meant I was unable to see what anyone else was doing and unable to learn from their mistakes, but they could from mine. I’m not sure how much difference this made in the end really, I rode well but was not 100% on it that day, on my second lap i was feeling very tired from the lack of sleep and the 38 degree heat.
I ended the day with another 11th place but not one I was very happy with. I ended up 12th In the overall championship, tied for 11th and only 1 point away from 10th.
10th (or higher) was my goal for the year so I am a bit disappointed not not achieve it. Especially as I was actually riding near my very best for the 2 weeks.
Overall though I am happy with how everything went and enjoyed the 2 weeks. back to normality now!