Guest Posts

Hi! I’m Lauren, I’m 23 and have been seriously into fitness and weight training for almost a year now.
I’m so proud to represent a brand like Bio-synergy who appeal to all sorts of fitness enthusiasts! I never used to be a “gym person” so I understand how daunting it can be when trying to choose supplements etc. to help with whatever training you are doing. Bio-synergy makes this process simple, for all different kinds of people, which I am pleased to see. This helps so many people get into a healthy lifestyle by providing them with excellent products and the knowledge of what they are putting into their bodies!

When I was younger, from the ages of 6-12, I was a Championship Freestyle Disco dancer and like most other dance styles it required dedication, discipline and teamwork. Unfortunately, due to financial situations and time constraints, I had to give up that hobby.
Many years later, when I went onto university, I was drinking a lot of alcohol and partying. This seemed a normal part of uni life, and I went with the flow not realising some of the implications it could have on me in the future.
Nowadays I work an office-based job which sees me spend most of my day sitting down. I joined the gym early 2012 and have loved every minute since. I am about to start a course in personal training and gym-class teaching, to hopefully motivate others into a healthy lifestyle, and am in training to compete in Bikini/Fitness competitions in 2014.