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Spartan Race UK

I just wanted to give you a quick result update. I came 15th in the opening Spartan Race UK – London on Sunday. From 3000 entrants i’m really happy with that, I would have just been top ten, but I missed a vital spear throw (yep, we do all sorts in a Spartan Race) and had a 30 pushup burpee penalty!

I ran once in the competitive elite heat, then back round again with her as support.
Two pictures attached. These tell a story as we truly are ‘making it happen’ a year ago my wife (Becky Lawrence) hadn’t run since school and as I started to train for Spartan she did too both at a local bootcamp. Despite not being a strong swimmer or runner she finished her first Spartan Sunday – in the top 50% too.  We had a few people shout “can’t you make this happen for us too” as we ran past and they read the back of my tee!!!

Roll on Race 2 in 4 days.
Luke Lawrence