12 Week Challenge

First Week of Morning Workouts

This week I managed to get myself into gear to split my workouts.  So I do all of my conditioning in the early hours of the morning and then all of my sports-specific training in the evenings.  It was difficult at first, but I figure that you are making a promise to yourself and you should keep honest about things and not be all talk.  This week I’ll do those early mornings three days this week, which consist of Crossfit, Spin class and running. It’s worked out pretty good, as if I lay out all of my clothes and my bag for the evening, I get up straight away. The competition training is going well and I’m finding that I am recovering better than ever before. Less niggling pains and tiredness after heavy workouts, but I still get marshmallow hands from overworking my grip strength:

Marshmallow Hands!

Next week is my competition where I will have completed almost 5 full weeks of Bio Synergy’s 12-week program.  I have been enjoying the new foods that I’ve introduced into my diet again like chicory, cottage cheese and walnuts:


My friend, a very good boulderer/climber, Stefano, is also joining me for the competition, so I am really looking forward to it! Neither of us expect much except the experience, as it’s a “pre-serious” competition for those entering the Southern Indoor Bouldering League (SIBL) competition towards the Autumn 2012. The SIBL is a bouldering competition that lasts over 6 rounds for 6 months! It’s full of serious and very good climbers. Ahh, the thing I love most about rock climbing – you just never see the top, but it only makes you more excited about the sport!
Before the competition, I will take off two rest days (one that consists of a light jog and yoga to get myself stretched out for the crazy moves) and another day of full rest and relaxation, so, as I like to say, I will have my “Mario Power” at 100% full strength for the comp! Plenty of Bio-Synergy’s Energy Drink before the comp with lots of water and then some Whey Better with fruit at the end to replenish myself. Oh and a funny thing happened, as I appeared on a new commercial for Westway Climbing Centre on West London TV – see at 1.41! Hope everyone is doing well and just keep battling the demons to keep moving forward!