12 Week Challenge

The triathlon becomes real

I started the 12 week challenge with two goals – to lose weight and to do a triathlon for charity with my brother. Well, the first goal is on track as a result of the nutritional advice from Ann at Famously Fit, the protein shakes, skinny bars and supplements from Bio Synergy and the exercise plan, I’ve lost 7lbs now and on track to lose more.
My brother persuaded me to do the triathlon for charity and so I went to watch him do his first of the season on bank holiday Monday at Mallory Park in Leicestershire. If I hadn’t already agreed to do one watching this one may have put me off! The weather was awful, cold, raining and the lake temperature was only just above the legal minimum – so much so it was touch and go as to whether it was going to be a duathlon.
However, watching the entrants including my brother endure the weather and drive through the discomfort to complete the triathlon was inspiring. There were complete novices (like myself) through to those that looked like real professionals. The support from everyone was great and the applause and cheers as finishers got over the finish line was incredible.
So having started my training with cycling and swimming I’m now progressing to running with the finish line in sight.