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Curtis Stevens My Story

After always being the skinny kid growing up and in school I used the starting of my new job as a roller-coaster engineer as my initial reason to start gaining weight and trying to be stronger as I knew being stronger would help me at work.
curtis car
By the time I started my job I was already in the gym at least 3 times a week at first not knowing what I was doing but still feeling the benefits that come with trying to be healthier and fitter. It took a lot of research and I learnt a lot from friends I’ve made while training but I started to make some good progress and in 2015 after around 5 years of training I decided to enter my first competition which was pure elite and came away with a completely unexpected result placing 4th in fitness under 75kg and 3rd in tattooed muscle.
curtis chill
Doing pure elite was a huge eye opener to what I could achieve with the right focus. From there I entered Miami pro and competed in the pure elite worlds where I didn’t place in both of those competitions but used them as a learning experience. I am now currently preparing for pure elite entering fitness under 75kg and tattooed muscle again but this time with the aid of a coach.
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