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Do I Need a Prep Coach?


So! UKBFF West Midlands in just under 9 weeks away as of today. Things are getting scary and I had a meltdown/diva strop at myself yesterday. What did I need? A prep coach! Why? Wel….

Now don’t get me wrong I know a fair amount, more than a lot and not as much as some. But I do know my body and how it works. So this year I decided around 14 weeks out I would prep myself. I have my own clients I prep and they all do extremely well with some nice trophies and placing’s this year so the decision wasn’t that difficult.

But here is the downfall. Paranoia mostly. The mirror never lies, the scales matter somewhat less apart from tracking the direction of progress. But your head messes with them all. I forgot just how hard I am on myself, and just how inpatient I am. Every piece of advise I give to my own clients I was finding hard to adhere to. As I was doing my own diet and training I could simply change protocols whenever I wanted to. Well that’s silly! Adherence and consistency are key when prepping for a competition no matter what. I wasn’t adhering and I wasn’t consistent. Well saying that I was, but as I kept moving the goal posts I was consistently inconsistent over the most part.

Time for a change and time to relax. After speaking with the group of guys whom all compete in different federations in a group we have Lee Kiley stepped up. Lee Kiley Physique Consultant is a proven coach. So him offering his services to help me, I took his hand off. Having a coach makes life so much easier, I have a fulltime job, a wife, a dog, family commitments so having someone else I can trust to simply give me instructions to follow takes all the stress away. Lee gives me my daily and weekly macros, my training split inc cardio and I simply get on with it.

So should you have a prep coach? For me YES! Being accountable to someone else makes such a massive difference, you will tend to do less of the “wrong” things as you are letting your coach down as well as yourself. Then the added weekly check ins, we all want praise so pushing from week to week makes those check in’s so important. Also we never notice the changes ourselves, looking in the mirror 100’s of times a day happens all too often, I’m pretty sure there are many an exception to this cause and some guys who have been doing this for 20+ years probably don’t, but for right now I’m excited and cant wait to hit that stage!

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