Bio-Synergy Athletes

Ciaran Lee Edwards – Athlete Update

Well, I had better introduce myself. I’m Ciaran Lee Edwards and I am a newly sponsored Bio-Synergy Athlete. My sport is Canoe Slalom. I am 19 and currently living in Nottingham for the summer to be at the National White Water Sports Centre where I receive coaching through GB Canoeing. I have been part of GB canoeing since 2009.In 2010 I became Welsh Senior Champion.  My best result to date is finishing 8th in the final at the Junior European Championships in 2011. In April this year, I finished 6th in GB Under 23 Team selection in my first in the under 23 age category. My current Senior British ranking is 10th and World ranking is 172.
I say that I am newly sponsored, it has been just over a month now. The reason for this is I have been incredibly busy! At the end of June, I travelled with a few teammates to Bratislava, Slovakia to compete in an international race called the Danubia Cup. We spent a week there training twice a day up until the race. It was very fun as the white water there is very technically and physically challenging. While the race and result didn’t quite go to plan due to one big mistake towards the end of my semi-final run, having looked at the video I know that I was on the pace to be competitive with the top 5 until then. I returned with added enthusiasm for training, taking confidence from the fact I was competitive even though I was tired from a hard few weeks training.
Since then I have been in Nottingham training two or three times most days, really focusing on making gains physically in the gym as I have no major competitions approaching and on the white water I’ve been doing a lot of technique work around the gates, trying to keep it light so I can go to the gym as fresh as possible. I have been using Bio-synergy Whey Better and Creatine Boost which have been really helping me fuel properly for each session and aiding my recovery!
On top of training, I have been moving my stuff out of the halls of residence I stayed in at my first year at University in Cardiff last year and moving into a new house in Nottingham with some training partners. I have also been finishing some University assessments from the first year.  The next few weeks hold more hard work in the gym followed by a transition to some more endurance work.
I would finally like to say thank you to Bio-Synergy for the support and I hope to keep you all updated again very soon.