12 Week Challenge

Blocks, Palms, Fists and Thumbs

Well after the email I received from Ann a couple of weeks ago my whole outlook on food portions has completely changed! I now look at all my food and then at my hand, my partner thought I had gone completely mad at first and then once I had explained it to him definitely knew I had lost the plot!
But it has worked, I had not been eating regularly enough and this meant all my efforts were not fully rewarded. I also found I had been scoffering too much protein in the evening and now try to get that in in the first part of the day.
All in all I have renewed vigour and even when I was out last night with a meal with my son I asked the restaurant to add chicken to my salad and take out the dressing which they kindly did. I certainly enjoyed it more knowing I was still following the rules even though I was eating out.
I also have been preaching to my friends who also thought I had lost the plot but now beginning to realise the benefits as I loose weight and change body shape 😀
So thumbs up to Blocks, Palms, Fists and Thumbs 😀