Fitness Tips

Good news for Runners

OBSESS YE NOT!! There’s some good news coming out for everyone who’s suffered the running equivalent of caning for writing with their left hand. The great revelation? There is no perfect way to run.
When I was running X-country, there was always much hand-wringing over whether the proper form was ball-first or heel-first when pounding the pavement. Now, at least, an answer is at hand. It’s neither.
The word from disinterested researchers (with no affiliation to the multi-billion athletic industry) shows you can’t teach a better way to run. Instead, your body bravely charts its own course.
“There is good evidence that your body is exquisitely lazy and will find the easiest way for you to run,” said Carl Foster, a professor of exercise and sports medicine at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.
Which is good news for me, because I’ve always looked ridiculous when running.
But now, finally, you can run free with the wind, regardless of the expert advice.
Is this good news or bad news for you?