12 Week Challenge

Finally i'm back on track

For everyone that hasn’t seen me for a while this is due to me getting quite a serious bout of shingles a few weeks ago which meant I had to come off both the diet and exercise plan and just focus on getting better (which has took far longer than I wanted). Before this happened I felt like I was getting better at running and strength and it felt like a major hindrance to get ill so early in the stage.
I have now just done my first week back since and my god it was hard! After my first run it took days for me to be able to walk like a normal person again. Although I have found getting back to the diet relatively easy, and on the plus have lost an extra 4 lbs and 6cms this week which has made my day.
I think the one lesson I’ve taken away from this is that some things are just out ouf my control and not to give myself such a hard time when the unexpected happens. Rather than dwell on what I haven’t done, I just get focused on what I can do today.
I’m a little bit dissapointed now that I wont finish the 12 week challenge till the middle of January but I really want to carry on what I’ve learned not just till the finish day but to carry it on into my future as well, so I’m trying not to feel so disheartened about it.
Everyone else is doing amazingly well and it’s truely motivational to read peoples’ posts.
I just hope that I can carry on the remaining 8 weeks with the motivation I’ve had this week.
Oh and as an extra treat I’m doing a 90 min spinning class on Thursday – wish me luck! xx