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Adam Kirkland Joining Bio-Synergy

Hello everyone. My name is Adam Kirkand – I am cyclist and I compete in Four Cross and Downhill cycling competitions. I have been racing bikes for 4 years now, and competing in sport has been a big part of my life. At the age of seventeen I have competed and tried swimming, rifle shooting, football, rugby, wake boarding, cross country running, judo and climbing.
Last year was the first year I did a bit of promotional work for Bio-Synergy, and over the last year I managed to gather a various number of results. This year will be my first properly representing Bio-Synergy and I am overwhelmed to have the opportunity to represent such a good company. This year I am hoping to race Four Cross along with a couple downhill events. This year has been slightly different for me as now I have joined sixth form and am learning to drive; so I have had to balance all that with my training and competitions.
Over a few months now I have been training in the gym and also indoor climbing to try and build up my strength. To do that I have used Bio-Synergy’s supplements to help. My favorite supplement is the Essential Sports Fuel shake, and that is my weapon of choice when I head off to the gym. My week consists of Climbing on a Monday , Wednesday gym time, Thursday Climbing , Saturday Cross country ride on my bike. I will be updating the blog soon and I would like to say a massive thank you to Bio-Synergy for the support so far.